January 2015.  Steve racking and blending  
the 2013 Petite Sirah.  The wine was pushed
out of the barrels using nitrogen gas, thus
avoiding pumping the wine.
This fun machine cleans
out barrels.  The barrels
are hoisted in their rack
with a forklift, turned
upside down, and
hi-pressure water is
injected, rinsing out the
After racking and cleaning the barrels, the
2013 Petite Sirah was placed back into the
barrels for additional aging.  Bottling of three
of these barrels occurred in April of 2015.  The
fourth barrel, the French Oak barrel #12, is
highlighted in the photo & description on the
left side of this page.
Filling the barrels after racking.  The wine was pushed from the barrels into the stainless steel tank using
Nitrogen gas.  Once the barrels were washed out using that fun machine in the photo above, the stainless
tank was lifted up via the forklift.  Gravity flow was used to fill the barrels.  This is an old method that is
very gentle on the wine.
There it is!  Barrel #12.  This is a French Oak
barrel made from trees grown in the Nevers
and Allier forests in France by noted cooper
Alain Fouquet.  Inside is the 2013 Paso
Robles Late Bottled Petite Sirah.  We bottled
this great wine in January 2016.
2014 Sierra Foothills  
Petite Sirah...
in the fermenter.
The aftermath of the South Napa Earthquake of
8/23/14 (3:20 am).  Believe it or not, only 2
bottles were lost here.  It turns out the main strand
of this previously unknown fault is right in our own
backyard.  No structural damage at Counter Punch
World Headquarters but lots of broken items
(especially in the kitchen).
Every winery needs a truck to haul
their stuff around!
How we move our wine around.
How big wineries move their wine around.  Notice a
difference between this and the photo to your left?
A new french oak barrel for the 2016 Zinfandel.
Quality Control at Syrah bottling.  
Someone has to do it!
That is the bottling line behind me.  
It's nice to have the benefits of
making your wine in a larger facility
where state-of-the-art equipment is
available at a moments notice.  
Thank you Terravant Wine Company,
Buellton, CA.
The bottling tank for the 2015
Engage - 100% Paso Robles Syrah.  
205 gallons to be exact.
Julie and I completing blending trials
for the 2016 Sierra Foothills
Zinfandel - to be bottled in March