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2014 PETITE SIRAH - Sierra Foothills
LIBRARY WINE - $60.00 per bottle
(5 cases remaining)

93 Points - "Cellar Selection"  
October 2017
Wine Enthusiast

"This is a quietly and confidently powerful wine with a long life
ahead of it.  An especially deep color that is opaque almost to the
rim sets it apart, as do the lush, dense texture and concentrated
flavors of mocha, blackberry, black pepper and beef tartare.  With
all that depth and layering, it still comes across as balanced,
even elegant."

The grapes were hand-harvested at 26.5 Brix on September 10, 2014 from the Sierra
Moon Vineyard, El Dorado County, Sierra Foothills AVA.  The 2014 vintage was starting to
show the effects of the drought conditions that were prevalent in the state and the fruit
achieved full ripeness a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.  To combat the draught,
approximately 25% of the grapes were removed from the vines a month prior to harvest,
allowing the vines to focus on fewer grapes.  While there is a sense of classical balance
between the acidity, tannins and fruit, 2014 wines seems to offer somewhat earlier
accessibilty than the classic 2013 vintage.

The fruit arrived at the winery in ½ ton bins where destemming and hand-sorting
occurred.  Fermentation proceeded in a small tank for five days.  The free-run was
transferred directly into neutral barrels for settling.  The young wine was racked to a
combination of new and one-year old French and American oak barrels where it aged for
an additional year.  
The wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered in January 2016 so do
not be surprised when you encouter some sediment.
 This vintage is closer to the 2012
"fruit forward" style as opposed to the profound power of the 2013's .   
70 cases were produced
2015 SYRAH - Paso Robles
42.00 per bottle

The 2015 harvest season was a tricky one due to some unique Mother Nature twists of fate.  
To start with, this vintage experienced significantly reduced yields due to unseasonable
weather in May.  Crop size was down by 33-40% in most vineyards with some almost a
complete write - off.  On top of that, this year was the highlight of the semi - famous California
drought which spanned the 2012-2015 vintages.  While serious drought issues in the
vineyards did not manifest themselves in 2012, 2013 or 2014, 2015 was another creature.  
Without getting into the P.R. - related flowery B.S. that seems to flow from all of the corporate
wineries boardroom's related to the phrase "best wine ever", it's safe to say that 2015 was a
challenging vintage but has shown some great qualities.  To me, the highlight of the vintage
is that it produced many excellent wines with ripe, expressive fruit flavors that  have soft and
early maturing qualities.  

Hand - picking of ripe Syrah grapes from the Cripple Creek Vineyard in the El Pomar District
of the Paso Robles AVA occurred on September 14, 2015.  The grapes were harvested in
perfect condition at 24.9 Brix.  Hand sorting of the fruit followed after destemming.  
Fermentation was conducted in a small stainless steel tank.  After fermentation was
completed, the young wine was racked into neutral barrels for four months.  In March 2016,
the wine was transferred into a combination of new and seasoned French oak barrels where
it rested until bottled in March of 2017.  A light pad filtration preceded bottling.  
86 cases were produced.
2016 ZINFANDEL - Sierra Foothills
42.00 per bottle

Much to our general relief, Mother Nature graced us with some much-needed rain in the
winter of 2015-2016.   Granted, while it wasn't nearly enough to officially break the drought,
it was sufficient to rejuvenate the vines and power them up for the 2016 growing season.  
And what a fine season it was!!  With just enough water for the vines to be happy coupled
with perfect summer temperatures, the grapes just oozed with concentrated, intense
flavors from the get-go.  In retrospect, the vintage mirrors the supple, early-drinking style of
2012 with some of the balanced power one associates with the 2014 vintage.   

Handpicked from the Sierra Moon Vineyard in the Sierra Foothills (same source as our
2014 Petite Sirah) on September 15, 2016 at 25.7 Brix.  After hand-sorting, the grapes were
fermented in a small stainless steel tank.  After fermentation, the wine was racked into a
Flextank for settling.  (A relatively new development in winemaking equipment, the Flextank
is a small, food-grade polyethylene tank that allows wine to age in a sterile and neutral
environment).   In March 2017, the wine was transferred into French oak barrels (20% new,
40% one year old, 20% two year old and 20% three year old) where it rested until blending
and bottling occurred in March 2018.  
The wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered so do
not be surprised if you see some sediment!

One can taste the Red Mountain minerality of the Sierra Nevada Mountains with rich
chocolate/raspberry nones wrapped around it.   Basically, we got some great grapes,
some great barrels and stayed out of the way!  
92 cases produced.